Partnership Opportunities & Benefits

WHAT IT TAKES: Creating and Preserving Affordable Homeownership

Many different resources are needed to create and preserve affordable housing, including partner families, land, materials, financial donations, and volunteers.  When you offer to help build or repair a home, we ask you to provide a combination of these resources. 

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, PA offers a continium of volunteer opportunities ranging from a commitment of just one day to a commitment of completing an entire house.  The following pages detail the opportunities for involvement at each level.  We encourage your group to conside the resources that you can provide and make the level of commitment that is right for you. 

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, PA and our partner families benefit in many ways from your sponsorship and we know that your organization will be in enriched by the experience of supporting a low-income family in the construction of a new home or in the preservation of their existing home.  Corporations benefit from the opportunity to involve their employees in positive team-building activities.  They also enjoy increased visibility in the community and a boost in employee morale.  In addition to the intrinsic benefits, Habitat also strives to offer meaningful recognition as described below.  Please take a moment to reflect on the value of these experiences for your group.


While Habitat is best known for creating and preserving homeownership, our mission also includes creating public awareness of the importance of housing in our community.  A typical day on site makes the most of a group’s time by providing a hands-on experience of supporting a Habitat program and creating a chance for the group to explore the issue of housing.

Build. Work together on a Habitat home or in the Habitat ReStore and gain a deeper understanding of how Habitat works and what it takes to get the job done.

Think. Explore housing issues through short activities that get people thinking and talking about housing challenges and solutions.  We know that Habitat alone cannot meet the needs of the 50,000 people with serious housing problems in Montgomery County.  Providing housing solutions for everyone requires people to become actively engaged in a variety of community solutions.

Act. It is possible to create a community where everyone has a stable place they can afford to call home.  Your group will find out what tools are available to stay involved and to continue to support affordable housing.

HOW TO HELP: Group Opportunities at a Glance

There are four different ways for your volunteer efforts and financial resources to be effective at helping to solve the affordable housing crisis.  All of them us address the need for decent housing and provide a rewarding hands-on experience. 

Choose the program, time commitment, and financial contribution that best fit your group’s needs.

Home Buying Program

Habitat Montco builds affordable homes throughout the county using volunteer labor.  We are both the builder and the banker for these homes and are committed to selecting and training the partner families to become successful homeowners and neighbors. 

The effort to build a new home (or an extensive remodel) is considerable and it takes time, but the rewards of seeing a well-made home are inspiring.  Volunteering to build a home may mean working on a rehab in Norristown or new twin home construction in Hatfield.  All of our models and locations put families in homeownership and are key to fulfilling our mission.  By building a Habitat home, you can create an affordable home where none existed and work with the homebuyers to help change their lives.  Sponsor a day, a portion of a house, or an entire home! 

Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Program

Habitat Montco’s home renovation program works to help stop the decline of neighborhoods and helps to keep families in homes when they are having a difficult time keeping up with required maintenance.  Homeowners served by this program are often elderly or disabled, or on a fixed income.  Homes can be completed in a short period and include critical repairs, painting, and landscaping. 

When you help keep a family in their home, your restoration efforts may take only a few days but make an immediate impact.  When a house turns into the pride of the street, it becomes a catalyst for a whole neighborhood turnaround.  Sponsor a project and volunteer for 1-3 weeks! 

ReStore Program

The ReStore is Habitat Montco’s retail outlet that specializes in selling building materials and other construction-related products that have been donated.  Revenue for the store goes to our mission of serving hard-working families in need of safe, decent, affordable housing.  One-day opportunities in the ReStore involve helping to sort donations, take inventory, assist customers, and arrange merchandise.  Groups can provide 5-10 volunteers per day as pre-arranged with the Volunteer and Community Relations Manager.  It takes a lot of hands to do this work, which takes place year-round in a climate-controlled environment.  ReStore volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 4 hours per day between 9am-5pm Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays or 9am-2pm on Saturdays. 

Mission Movers (Gifts-in-kind or budget-relieving services or programs)

Mission Movers are a vital part of our organization and provide organizational funding, materials, skilled-base labor, and/or budget-relieving activities that have a monetary value to Habitat Montco.  The value of the contribution is determined by the company. Examples can include a roofing company that donates shingles for a Habitat home, a plumber that donates his/her time installing plumbing, a donation of a home or land, and more! Mission Movers work on the project where there is the greatest need and receive the same benefits outlined in the home buyer program levels above at the levels listed below. 

Foundation Sponsor: $10,000-$30,000

Contributing Sponsor: $5,000-$10,000

Supporting Sponsor: $5,000 and below

If your organization is interested in learning more about Habitat Montco and how you can help eliminate poverty housing, please contact Liz (Bowers) Hefner, our Director of Development & Communications at or by calling 610-278-7710, ext. 129.