The First Step
 Let's begin your journey toward owning your own home!

(To see if you meet the basic requirements for our homeownership program, please see our Qualifying for a Home page.)


If you meet our basic requirements, the first step toward homeownership with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County (HFHMC) is attending one of our mandatory homeownership orientations, which we hold periodically throughout the year in varying regions of Montgomery County.

The frequency with which HFHMC holds orientations is based upon property availability, and at this time all properties in our inventory already have families assigned to them. Once HFHMC secures additional land on which to build new homes, or additional houses to rehab, we will hold an orientation to announce the availability of those properties and to begin screening families for them. We will post the date, time, place, and additional information for the next orientation here once we schedule it. The website is the first place the information will be posted. At this point, we may not be able to offer another orientation until well into 2014. Stay tuned... (And check back here!)

Please note: attending orientation IS the first step in our screening and application process. We do not simply have an application to fill out or a waiting list for which to sign up.

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