In-kind donations of material and labor are always welcome. Many home sponsors will solicit in-kind donations to support the fundraising effort for the cost of the sponsorship. Other groups simply have access to contractors who would like to use their skills on the Habitat home. In-kind values vary and are determined by Habitat based on the cost savings we obtain.

An in-kind donations MUST BE a service or product needed to complete the home. We have a list of all items that are currently used to construct our home designs - “Material Takeoff” sheets – which are available to you if you plan to solicit in-kind donations. Materials and donations must conform to this list.  Home styles are listed in the material takeoff sheets. The list of materials can vary on different house styles. Please contact the development office at 610-278-7710, ext. 129, for a copy of the material takeoff sheets.

The donation must be a complete package (e.g. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc).  Only one of each package will be accepted. The work must be completed by a licensed journeyman and meet current, local, building codes. This work must also pass municipal and city inspections.

If donations that do not comply to the material takeoffs or plans are placed in the house, without prior approval, they may have to be removed and replaced. The cost of this would then be borne by the home sponsor.

A home may not be funded by in-kind donations alone. At least half of the sponsorship costs must be cash donations.

For more information on how to support Habitat for Humanity through construction in-kind gifts, please call the development office at 610-278-7710, ext. 129.

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