HFHMC has built or renovated 58 homes in Montgomery County, including 39 in Norristown, 2 in Hatfield, 9 in Pottstown and 8 in Glenside. Below are some of our most recently completed projects.

Norristown Row Home, June 2014

Hatfield Borough Twins, December 2013

Hatfield Homes

Upper Dublin/North Hills/Glenside 


The Waltz Family:

It has been a long, emotional journey that led Peggy, Alberta, and Colleen to HFHMC’s March 2011 homeownership orientation. Sharing a one-bedroom apartment was difficult enough — the girls shared a tiny bedroom, and Mom slept on a sofa in the living area — but they also lived in substandard conditions, even having to choose between hot water and heat in the winter. Peggy desperately wanted to secure better living conditions for her family, but also knew that past challenges had prevented them from gaining a home of their own. Then they heard about Habitat, and hope was reborn. Yes, the family had hard work ahead of them, but with faith, humor, and perseverance...they closed on their new home. “We just can’t believe it," Peggy recently commented. “The Lord provides. He always does."

The Phillips Family:

From that moment over three years ago that Shawnette Phillips first saw a Habitat house in North Hills, she knew her life was about to change. This motivated woman was facing the challenges of single-parenthood, working fulltime in customer service to provide for her and her then 13-year-old son and three-year-old daughter, all while living under her mom’s modest roof in order to make ends meet.  She just knew that the Habitat program was the perfect vehicle to secure a home for her and her children, but she had work to do. With grit, determination and that incredible smile,  Shawnette tackled what needed to be done. “It has truly been a wonderful, humbling experience.” The most exciting part for this mom? “Having my own room… and my own BED!!”




Meet April! (And her three children and one grandchild.) This HFHMC homeowner first heard about the Habitat program in Florida —right in her mom’s own backyard! Recently recalling a conversation she had there with her mother’s neighbor— a Habitat homeowner — April shared: “I never forgot the words of motivation that woman spoke to me: ‘If I can do it, you can, too.’" Years later, when April moved to Norristown in 2000, she happened to be driving down Cherry Street in Norristown when she noticed a Habitat sign on a house HFHMC was rehabbing. “Right then and there I could hear my mother's neighbor's voice,  ‘If I can do it, you can, too.’" And she did.

A driver for a well known bus-transit company, April’s schedule is demanding and erratic, yet somehow this busy woman has been able to find the time to progress steadily on her sweat-equity hours in the short time since officially attaining partner-family status just in December. With three, young-adult children just completing high school or in college, plus one adorable, toddling grandchild, April’s new home will give three generations a fresh start – not to mention plenty of space in which to grow and thrive – and she couldn’t be more grateful. “My family and I are so excited to be in a home that was built by loving, caring people. This house was built by loving people and the sponsors who made all this possible. We appreciate all that you've done for us. Thank you for accepting us. We will love and take care of this home. It's built by caring hearts because of love for people. Thank you from us to you.”



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