2017 Build-A-Thon

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By Cara Przybylowicz, Volunteer and Community Relations Manager

AmeriCorps is a program that is very important to Habitat affiliates all across the country.  Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of AmeriCorps members giving a year of their lives to service with all different affiliates, and in different capacities.  I was lucky enough to meet about 115 members at the AmeriCorps annual Build-A-Thon event a few weeks back!  Each year AmeriCorps and Habitat team up with affiliates to do a week long Blitz Build in one of their communities.

This year, there are 3 full weeks of service happening, two in Des Moines, Iowa, and one in Colorado!  I attended the first week of the Des Moines build as a member of the event staff, and it was such an incredible experience!  Members during this week came from affiliates all over the map, including, Hawaii, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and more, and it was great to see them interacting with one another and connecting with their peers!

  I witnessed an outstanding show of hard work, effort, and pride in the work that these members completed by the end of the week!  When the staff arrived in on Sunday, we drove by the Birdland Neighborhood, where the members would be working, and there were 9 slabs on the ground, and not much more!  By the time we had arrived on site on Tuesday with all of the members, some of the local community members, partners, and Greater Des Moines Habitat staff had framed up the first floor of the homes, and the members were put right to work to get the second floors framed!  The members were divided up to work on all 9 homes simultaneously, and it was incredible!  At the beginning of each day, they broke off into their groups and went straight to work, continuing until lunch time!  During the downtime, and nightly events, it was neat to see the members relating to one another and creating life-long friendships!  By the end of the week, walking around and looking at all of the hard work that was completed on the worksite was something I will never forget.

Going into the week, there were 9 slabs on the ground, and coming out of the week, these members had built 9 two-story homes!  Wow and incredible are the two words that come to mind when I think about this amazing feat and these awesome members that worked so hard on that worksite!  When we left that week, members certainly left their sweat, tears, and hearts in those homes, and it was unbelievable to see the impact that was made in such a short amount of time!  I am blessed to have been a part of this life changing experience, and forever changed and touched by the wonderful people I got to meet along this journey!

If you are interested in attending this event next year?  Become an AmeriCorps member with our affiliate!  We are now looking to fill our AmeriCorps positions for next year!  Please see the positions below, and read about them in the descriptions in the links!  To apply simply click on the link that suits you, and click Apply Now at the bottom of the page!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, Cara Przybylowicz, at cara@habitatmontco.org!


AmeriCorps National – Construction Crew Leader - https://www.habitat.org/about/careers/hfh-montgomery-county-national-construction-crew-leader

AmeriCorps National – Family Services Coordinator - https://www.habitat.org/about/careers/hfh-montgomery-county-national-family-services-coordinator