Coming Together for a Community Meeting

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Coming Together for a Community Meeting

By Saroj Chettri, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager

At Habitat, our community meetings are the most important component of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. They are the avenue which allows us to serve a maximum number of families by responding to the community as a whole. Alongside community residents, civic organizations, educational institutions, faith groups, private organizations and other local agencies, we work together through our revitalization initiatives to build a stronger community and encourage a sense of hope. 

On March 1, 2017, Habitat joined with the Pottstown community at The Victory Christian Life Center for our first townhall-styled meeting of the year. We were pleased to have about 25 residents attend the meeting, and used our time together as a platform to identify the needs of the community and create short and long term goals to better address these needs in the future.


I have attended many meetings organized by nonprofits in different parts of the world, but I was especially intrigued by the way the residents responded in Pottstown. At the meeting, I could almost feel the excitement of the residents who were so eager to make their neighborhood better. At one point, I was moved when one of the participants shared that he considers his neighborhood in Pottstown to be one big “melting pot”. This was clearly demonstrated during the meeting as residents from different ethnicities all provided meaningful input about how we can work together to make their neighborhood a better place to live.

From the discussion, we were able to develop an effective plan for moving forward with Neighborhood Revitalization in our Pottstown community.  In the next few weeks, we look forward to coming together as a team to take action!