Habitat Welcomes Megan Briggs, New Family Services Director

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By Megan Briggs, Family Services Director


I am thrilled to have recently joined Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County in the role of Family Services Director. I am joining the team here after working in the Philadelphia non-profit sector for over ten years. I have worked in a wide-range of organizations, both grassroots and city-wide, whose missions have varied from youth workforce development to urban gardening. My positions within these organizations have also been wide-ranging – I’ve been the boots on the ground, led teams through multiple transitions, and built programs from the ground up. During this time, I’ve learned an incredible amount of knowledge from my colleagues, non-profit leaders, and most importantly from the people served through programming. Throughout these separate roles, the passion that drives my work is equity. I am always seeking to be an authentic ally in the advancement of equity.


There are several reasons that I pursued the position at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, but to put it simply: I felt inspired at the opportunity to impact equity through housing and neighborhood development in such a high-quality Habitat for Humanity affiliate. In my role, I will be able to work in partnership with families whose tenacity and resiliency to seek out a better life humbles me. In my first week here, I’ve met a few of these families already, and I look forward to meeting more. There has been a tremendous amount of work accomplished in the Family Services programs already. I look forward to building on the quality and scale of these programs to both expand services to additional families while also providing deeper services that will meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we work.

In my first few days, the thing that has made the biggest impression is the number of people who are a part of the Habitat community who are genuinely engaged in and organized around our mission. When I’ve spoken with staff, their passion, dedication, and talent for this work is immediately clear. I anticipate that I will be learning a great deal from them, in addition to learning from the many volunteers and families that I have yet to meet.  I’ve been welcomed in to use my own passions and talents to make a measurable impact over the coming months on the Habitat for Humanity community, and I am optimistic about the work that we can accomplish together. Thanks for those who have already welcomed me in and I’ll look forward to meeting more of you soon!  Together, we’ll grow.