Home Is Where the Heart Is

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

By Darell Daniels, Family Services Coordinator

For me, home is much more than just four walls. Home is support, love, understanding, safety, and so much more.

During the holiday season “home” takes on an entirely different meaning. It becomes more than just a space, it becomes a feeling. They say that home is where the heart is, and for me that is with my children. I know that the meaning of home lies in my greatest accomplishments and for me, that is my children. No matter where we are, whether be a house, an apartment, or any other temporary housing condition, as long as we are together we are home!


I believe that this attitude is at the heart of Habitat's service to our community and the families that live within it. We not only commit to selling our home-buyers a safe, affordable house to live in, but even more importantly the opportunity to transform this house into a home by creating a lifestyle with their own family traditions. We want to see our families thrive, so our support doesn’t end after we hand each family a set of keys to their brand new home. It extends throughout the home-ownership process from being accountable to these families that we work with to continuously enabling them to make better decisions.

For everyone, home is what you feel that special connection to. I can’t help but have a great feeling about connecting these families with their home.