Going Home for the Holidays

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Going Home for the Holidays

By Elizabeth Hefner, Director of Development and Communications

After digging through my basement, I finally found my holiday decorations in the very back behind my camping gear.  I love this time of year!  Lights twinkle in the night sky with a familiar glow that reminds me of my childhood.  The crisp air reminds me that winter is on its way, and festive cheer makes any problem feel a little smaller.

As I decorate my home, I remember the history of each decoration and tradition, I celebrate the year that is coming to a close, and I look forward to the potential of the new year. I am so grateful that I have the ornaments I made out of Popsicle sticks when I was in first grade, and the snowman that guards the front door that came from my grandma.


This year, I can’t help but think about KayAnn and Ricardo who will purchase their Habitat home on December 16th, right in time for the holidays.  Their home in Pottstown is charming. It even has its original banister and doors which have since been refinished.  The home is spacious with a living room, dining room, large kitchen island, a home office, 1.5 bathrooms and four bedrooms. Outside, there is a large backyard with enough room for the children to run around and explore.


Originally from Jamaica, KayAnn moved to the United States after high school. KayAnn met Ricardo and started a family.  To support their family, they have worked 2 or 3 jobs, and childcare has been a struggle. Four years ago, KayAnn’s mom, Myrtle, moved here from Jamaica to help them take care of the children. With her help, KayAnn and Ricardo have been able to focus more on following their dream of stability for their family.

“We have struggled to find something big enough for the 8 of us that was safe for our kids,” KayAnn remarked. “We want the best for them and know that homeownership with Habitat will give them a better chance to succeed.”

As part of their journey to homeownership, the Thompsons completed 400 hours of sweat equity helping to build their home.  They also completed Habitat Montco’s Almost Home financial empowerment program.  KayAnn says, “This class changed the way my husband and I think about and spend our money. We know now that sometimes what seems like a good deal is worth thinking about instead of going by gut reaction.”

The Thompson children, Naomi (age 14), Nyel (age 10), Nyann (age 6), Ricardo Jr. (age 5), and Nayloni (age 3), are excited for their new home and can’t wait to get settled in. Myrtle, KayAnn’s mom, is looking forward to having a safe place to care for the children.  This home will be a place where she can do more than care for her grandchildren--she will be able to help them thrive.

Together, this multi-generational family of eight is ready to move into their new home for the holidays and start new holiday traditions. 

We hope you will join us on Friday, December 16th to welcome the Thompson Family home for the holidays!