Volunteers of Women Build Week

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By Cara Przybylowicz, Volunteer and Community Relations Manager

We have many hardworking volunteers and partners participate in our Volunteer Program at Habitat Montco each year, however one team that has stood out for their leadership and construction skill especially is Avalon Flooring. During Women Build Week, Avalon volunteers went above and beyond to complete each project they were assigned. Led by the delightful Betsey Kloss, they cleared out brush, laid pavers, and even put up a fence at our home located at 430 Walnut Street in Pottstown!


In the past year, The Avalon Flooring team has been extremely dutiful in demonstrating their support for the organization. Outside of their involvement with October’s Women Build Week, the group has dedicated their time and resources to a number of other build projects at Habitat Montco. During the summer, Avalon Flooring donated a bundle of tiles that were used to rehabilitate the bathroom of our build project at 130 Wayne. They later donated an additional bundle of tiles to our build site at 52 W. Basin where they also installed the carpeting. After catching wind of a few carpentry repairs that were needed at the administrative building, Avalon Flooring even sent out a team to lay our office carpets as well!

All in all, Betsey and her team at Avalon Flooring have been such a great help to Habitat Montco. We value and appreciate the partnership we have established with their amazing crew, and look forward to continuing the work we do with their volunteer team!