Loyalty - What It Means to a Community

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By Marianne Lynch, Executive Director

Recently, I was signing a letter thanking one of our long-time supporters who has invested so much into our families. As I was thanking her for her continued investment, I had a bit of an epiphany in terms of what that support has truly meant to the families we serve.

This investor gives $100 per month consistently and has done so for more than 10 years. Just some quick math on that – That is $12,000!  Consistent funding from such a very generous and thoughtful giver has helped us in so many ways that I almost can’t list them all, but I will try:

In 10 years, we have:

  • Built more than 40 homes, in 4 communities, housing more than 150 people
  • Launched a ReStore
  • Started a critical home repair program
  • Started neighborhood revitalization in two communities, impacting more than 700 residents
  • Created a more comprehensive approach to financial empowerment: our Almost Home program
  • Completed 52 repair and preservation projects.
  • Moved to a larger space to accommodate the organization’s growth
  • Hosted 9 AmeriCorps members

This incredibly loyal and generous investor has supported this growth with her consistent gift every month. Because Habitat received her gifts faithfully, we believed that we could accomplish much…and we did.

There are many of you who provide support on a regular basis to those causes you believe in, like Habitat. I often hear the same comment from many of you – “it’s not much, but hey, every little bit helps.”  Please know that what you do for Habitat and other organizations is significant and game-changing. As a non-profit, being able to rely on such funding allows us room to dream and plan. It allows us to ask the big questions, such as, “How can we serve the community better? How can we come together to solve larger societal issues like the lack of affordable housing? How are we going to deal with our rapidly aging population in a way that is dignified and supportive? How can we help people help themselves to leave a life of poverty?”

That kind of critical thinking is essential if we are to create real solutions and not just apply bandages to the issues that our communities face. Because of people such as our investor mentioned above, Habitat has been able to ask some of these bigger questions and has been able to develop solutions that address these issues.

So for our partners who faithfully give every month, every 6 months, or every year, I would like to take a moment to say a truly heartfelt thank you. Thank you for believing in Habitat and the work that we do and thank you for being the catalyst who has made much of that work possible. Because of you, Habitat is not only able to plan and dream, but we are also able to make more impact than ever before.