We Love Our Regulars

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By Cara Przybylowicz, Volunteer and Community Relations Manager

What is a “regular”?

Well, we have a group of dedicated volunteers that come out to volunteer with us regularly, so, they are known around the office as our “regulars”!  They are comprised of a group of folks who are dedicated to the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, PA, and are truly passionate about helping the Montco community. 

The regulars are out on Habitat build sites a few times per week, and have most recently been a huge part of our rehab of 52 W. Basin Street in Norristown.  These volunteers did the demolition, bricked in two windows, completed some miscellaneous repairs, did the electrical work, installed new windows, and framed the home. They have served long days on Basin Street, and because most of them have an extensive background in construction, they have been able to complete an immense amount of work!

Our regulars have allowed our construction staff the ability to focus on the bigger picture of work throughout the county, while still feeling confident that great work is being done on this home in Norristown.  Paul, a dedicated volunteer who has been with Habitat Montco since this affiliate opened, has taken the lead at 52 W. Basin Street, acting as a site supervisor so that our staff can focus on other tasks and jobs as well. 

Another benefit of having these amazing volunteers is that because of their diverse skill sets, we do not have to consistently hire contractors to help out and do specialized work for us.  Our home on W Basin Street is just past the framing stage, and already, having our regulars out on site, has saved us nearly $30,000! These dedicated volunteers will continue to help on Basin Street with upcoming the upcoming stages: installing window sills, painting, and more!

In addition to W Basin Street, the regulars have been helping on a special project here at 533 Foundry Road.  As our team expands to serve more families in Montgomery County, we are in need of more office space.  The regulars have been working to build more offices in the back of our building for our growing team.  Within just a few weeks, the offices were framed, drywall installed, and paint applied!  This has, again, allowed our construction team to focus on their scheduled construction and repair projects out in the Montgomery County community.

Our regular volunteers have given so much time and energy to Habitat Montco and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do for us, and all that they have allowed us to do for the community!  We are always looking to add to our talented, hard-working team of volunteers!  Though most come from construction backgrounds, we welcome volunteers of various skill levels!  One of our regulars, Debbie, always says, “You are constantly learning” and that she has been learning from our consistent regulars since she began volunteering with us years ago.  “All you need is a little time commitment and our current regulars will welcome you and show you the ropes!” 

This truly is a unique, talented, reliable group of individuals that come out to make a difference in the lives of others.  Are you interested in possibly making this commitment and joining our regulars? Contact cara@habitatmontco.org to find out how, today!