The Impact of an Internship with Habitat

Posted by Lauren
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Our spring Impact Interns took some time to reflect on their services with Habitat Montco. Check out their thoughts below, and click here to see our current internship and AmeriCorps opportunities!

"The word IMPACT is often used when referring to something quite powerful. I am just another twenty-something-year-old looking for my place in life, so when I stumbled across this word on a volunteering website, it immediately caught my eye. This word gave me hope, and the promise of something meaningful. I signed up to become an Impact Intern with the Family Services Department at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, and I truly can’t think of a better word to describe my experience than “impactful”.

My time as an Impact Intern has been a blessing because of the people I connected with. One of the most passionate people I met was a young man from Habitat’s Kids Club who expressed to me some of his struggles in life. This youth used his love for basketball as a way overcome some of what life has thrown his way, so every week that I attended Kids Club, this young man and I would discuss and play basketball. After a couple of weeks, the conversation turned to school, life goals, nutrition, and home life. Others who left me with an everlasting image of impact were the volunteers at the Rock the Block event in Pottstown. Over 100 people took time out of their schedules to come and perform free home improvements to residents in the area. Their ages varied from high school to retirement-age, and I remember thinking how incredible it was to see such a large gathering of volunteers eager to make a positive impact on the community. That kind of dedication to improve a stranger’s life was a demonstration of unselfish behavior and I was honored to share it with all of them.

Throughout my time in the Impact Internship, one of the biggest reasons I call this journey a success is because of the amazingly passionate people at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the staff of Family Services: Michelle Spada (Director of Family Services), Ma-Tenneh Sampson (Family Services Coordinator/Americorps), and fellow interns Markolline Forkpa, Matthew Sepe, and Haley Gallagher. I believe the instant feeling of excitement and togetherness from the moment we all walked into the room was the fuel that propelled us to accomplish our goals.

To all the people I have met, you all have left lasting impressions on my heart and I hope to see you all again!"

- Ryan Bergman

"When I first started interning for Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, I had little idea that my involvement with the Family Services Department would blossom into the biggest highlight of my post-graduate endeavors. While I looked forward to the opportunity to become a functional member of an organization, I did not anticipate becoming such an integral part of the Family Services Team. Yet both Michelle and Ma-Tenneh made it a point to involve the interns in matters of decision-making, and even more importantly, provided us with the freedom and encouragement we needed to develop our ideas.

Beyond the Family Services Department, what impressed me most about the organization was the high degree of dedication that all departments have to both the Pottstown and Norristown communities. Habitat Montco is truly invested in the revitalization of its partnering neighborhoods and has proven that passion consistently. Through community outreach, regular Board meetings, and the annual “Rock the Block” community cleanup events, the focus is always on the residents and discovering new ways to improve their overall quality of life.

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with community residents, hear their stories, and work together with families who are determined to realize their dreams of homeownership. In the future, I look forward to seeing the organization continue to expand and increase their impact in both the Pottstown and Norristown communities."

- Markolline Forkpa

"When you think Habitat, you think “an organization that constructs homes.” However, when you witness the Habitat experience, through participating in a program or an internship, you understand that Habitat’s primary focus is not building homes, but building communities.

As a freshman at Villanova University, a school built on the principles of servant leadership, I'd been searching for ways that I can serve those around me and make my mark on the community. When an internship for Habitat for Humanity opened up, I thought this could be how I make that impact. I didn't realize at the time just how significant of a role this internship would play not only in shaping my impact on the world, but also in shaping me as a person and how I will serve in the future.

Whether it was packing into the red van with the Habitat team at 10 AM and going door-to-door hearing some of the stories of Pottstown residents for the Neighborhood Revitalization program, or watching people’s children as the parents learned about the importance of financial literacy through Habitat Montco’s Almost Home program, I know that I was a part of Habitat’s mission to faciliate better, stronger neighborhoods. Working for Habitat Montco has been an eye-opening experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve."

- Matt Sepe