We Need Your Help to Bring Josh Home

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By Liz Bowers, Director of Development and Communications

Josh is eight years old.  He is curious, inquisitive, smart, and loves to play.  Josh is like a lot of kids his age, with one big exception.  He has moved more times than most of us will in our entire lives. We have great news…Josh only has to move one more time.  His parents, Drew and Valerie Ricciardi, are Habitat Home Buyers. 

The Ricciardis’ path to homeownership has not been without struggles. When Drew and Valerie first applied to purchase a Habitat home, they were financially unstable and not ready for the responsibility of a 30-year, 0% mortgage.  Rather than becoming frustrated with this news, the Ricciardis asked our staff what it would take to qualify. Our staff began working with this family to help Josh have a stable place to call home.  In October 2015, the Ricciardis enrolled in Habitat Montco’s Almost Home Financial Literacy and Life Skills program. This course transformed Drew and Valerie’s understanding of money, debt, and their future.  They were active in the 16 two-hour classes, and were paired with a financial coach who gave them one-on-one support.  Within three months of completing the program, Drew and Valerie paid off some of their debt, began an emergency fund, and were able to qualify to purchase a Habitat home.  Soon, they will be able to give Josh his own room, in a house his parents own.

Now that they are home buyers, the Ricciardis will invest 400 hours of sweat equity by building their home alongside three other families.  These four families will be helping to build their homes from the ground up in Bridgeport, PA.  Here is what these beautiful, safe, affordable homes will look like.  Our wonderful architecture firm, BartonPartners, designed these homes at no cost to Habitat.

Each of these homes will be three stories, with three bedrooms, one and half bathrooms, an open 1st floor plan, and a garage.  Each home will be about 1,500 square feet.

Through the Montgomery County HOME grant, we received $400,000 to purchase the land and to support the construction of these homes. We are also partnering with companies and organizations like Dow, Wells Fargo, IT Solutions, and Villanova University.  We are excited to partner with others to build these decent affordable homes

Each of these homes will cost nearly $220,000 to build, including the cost of the land.  That means that all four homes will cost almost $900,000. We still need an additional $300,000 to build these homes. 

Who does it take to build these homes? It takes everyone.  Who does it take to provide families like the Ricciardis with strength, stability, and self-reliance?  It takes you…building, giving, and supporting these families. 

We need your help to bring Josh home.  We need your help to provide four hardworking, low to moderate income families the opportunity to purchase homes with a 0% interest mortgage with Habitat.  Who do we need?  We need you.

If you would like to help pay for windows, doors, flooring, and other materials, please click here.

If you would like to help build these homes, please contact Cara at cara@habitatmontco.org.

We would also like to invite you to join for the Bridgeport Groundbreaking of this project on May 14, 2016 at 10am on the corner of Ford and Green Streets.