Women Build Week 2016

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By Elizabeth Bowers, Director of Development

Have you ever heard the phrases, “you run like a girl” or “you hit like a girl”?  I heard them from time to time while I was growing up.  For me these words never hurt my feelings. They just put me on notice that there was something different and special about who I was. I am a girl, so of course everything I do, I do “like a girl”. I proud that I am a girl, who has diverse interests that range from hiking and camping to reading scientific journals. 

Every year at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, strong and smart women gather to “build like a girl”.  This year from January 27th-30th we are hosting our 6th Annual Women Build Week.   

 We are always building, but Women Build Week is different.  During this week we have women building, women teaching construction skills and supervision, and women inspiring one another.  When we say we “build like a girl” it means we build with precision, joy, and strength. Each day we welcome our volunteers with a speaker who shares her experiences, empowering those who are present to know all that women can accomplish.  Then the hard work begins, with a great group of women who volunteer regularly with Habitat and our AmeriCorps member Maria leading the volunteers and supervising their work, and the volunteers helping a family get ever closer to owning their own home. 


Our female staff members even get into the action. This is one of the reasons why I am so excited about Women Build Week - I will get to step away from my desk and build! I will get my hands dirty helping to build a home for a family in my community.  I live in Norristown, and I care for Norristown.  Now I get to build like a girl in Norristown. I am excited to build using power tools, hand tools, and learning to use tools I haven’t used before! I am looking forward to working hands-on, supporting my neighbors, and building a home to welcome someone new into our community.

Would you consider building like a girl with me?  We will be building at two of our homes in Norristown, 130 Wayne Ave and 52 W. Basin St.  Both of these homes need a lot of work and we need women to get the job done.  This event is for women of all backgrounds and skill levels!  If you would like to find out more about how you can join me for Women Build Week and how you can build like a girl please visit our website.