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By Marianne Lynch, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County
One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to be part of our homeowner’s lives long after the keys are exchanged. Because Habitat holds the mortgages on their homes, we get to hear about the ups and downs of life and everything in between (sometimes for as long as 30 years!). Normally, this is reward enough for the work that we do, but every once in a while I will get an extra blessing from our connection with our partners. Yesterday was just such a day...

I had the opportunity to speak with one of our homeowners to see how things were going. She’s been going through a rough time recently, and just needed to know that someone was there for her - I was happy to be that someone. While we chatted, she shared her situation, but in the course of the conversation, she gave me one of the greatest gifts I receive doing this work.

She said that, even though things were hard, we (Habitat) had been such a blessing in her life. Knowing that she could go through something difficult but still have a place to feel stable, safe and secure was keeping her strong. It felt good to be that blessing – to know that by handing over keys, we give people security and hope, not just in the good times, but in the challenging times too.

For myself, I see my role as a conduit for this hope. I am the “pass through” from the people who believe in and support our mission to those whose lives are changed by it. You are the real blessings – the people who support the work we do so that our partners can experience the ups and downs of life without the added fear that housing instability brings.

As we wind down the year, I ask that you think about the blessings you’ve bestowed this year to our homeowners such as Charon and Zacariah in Hatfield, and Sanae in Norristown as well as the Kitty, Cathy, Jane and so many others that have received major repairs because of your generosity and support. You’ve changed lives, bringing a security and stability that each of these families has never experienced before.

Right now, we have a special opportunity to continue bless others before the end of the year. One of our blessings is a supporter that believes in the power of our mission so strongly that he provided us with a very generous matching opportunity of $10,000. This anonymous donor has put forth a challenge to the rest of us: be the blessing in someone’s life. For me, I will give as generously as I can – it felt good to get that hug in the living room of the house that means so much to her. I ask that you do the same…maybe you won’t get a physical hug, but be assured, our homeowners think about you and how you’ve blessed them all the time.